Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Time to Party in Calella, Spain

Hey folks! I am back here! How are you doing? I hope you are doing great  this month. Time flies so fast that we are already on the seventh month of the year 2015. I can't also imagine that we are already on the middle of July. This means that my big day is almost fast approaching and it is time to celebrate once in a while.

Back to the main topic..I just miss those days where I had fun with friends during that trip in Spain. I can say I had a bash that time and I can never forget those days especially the nights when we just sat down on the restaurants and bars drinking wine or tasting local foods.

Our hotel is around some minutes walk from the beach in Callela. Every night, there are live performances along the beach especially at the restaurants and bars. You can witness live bands playing good music with their musical instruments and singers. I am not quite sure if the lead singer used a mudguard in that band group where we witnessed in one of the nights when we were there.
Nightlife in Calella  is indeed never boring.

For you information the seaside town of Calella is located on the Costa del Maresme, 58 km northeast of Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain. Today, the town has been an attraction to many tourists especially from Europe and locals due to its nice  beach and  nightlife.



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