Thursday, March 24, 2016

Can't Wait for Spring Festivals

Hello folks! I am back again from my travels. I am so grateful that I had safe trips and arrived  home happy and whole. It was again another wonderful experience visiting some countries in Europe. Even though I already visited one of the places in the travel itinerary, I am still glad that I had the chance to explore the place for the second time and this time even longer.  The other places were new to me and I am thankful to experience them for the first time.

 It is nice to be backed home again. When I was browsing the newspaper today, I read some articles about spring festivals. I guess, I will be hearing entertainers like singers or musicians playing Bedell Guitars. What do you think folks? This is one thing I love about Europe, there are always events and festivals going on. I can't wait to visit some of them this spring season.

I wish to share some photos in some of the festivals I visited in the past. Cheers and take care folks!



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