Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fun Night at the Volksfest or Festival

Hello folks! I am back here now! I hope you are enjoying the rest of the month of April.  I just started the fun by going to a festival near the area. It started yesterday and will last until this coming Sunday.  Volksfest, also known a people's festival or fair  is very common in Germany. With the start of the spring season, various festivals are slowly starting everywhere.

One thing I love about  going to the festival is especially listening to the live bands who played various music. I wish, I am like them who are experts in playing any musical instruments.  Sad to say, I am not. You can also taste various delicacies both local and international. Most of all, you can enjoy the carnival rides.

Since playing musical instruments is not for me, I rather browse online and window shop  for  a cousin who loves playing any musical instruments. Since  guitar center's my wish list is waiting for me, I rather sign-off now and start browsing their site.

I hope, I can go back to the festival this coming weekend. Last night was simply full of fun and laughter! Cheers!



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