Friday, May 20, 2016

Missing the Live Performance During That Cruise Trip

Hello beautiful people out there! How's life going on? Hope all is great! I am doing good so far and getting very excited for the next travels. Luggage are partially packed and I will be finalizing everything this weekend. There is no such great vacation when you are visiting your home country. In over a week from now, the long awaited vacation is about to commence.

The stage where the shows are perform by various entertainers during my cruise trip in Greece last year.

This week, I was watching this travel documentation about luxury cruise ships. I have been to some cruise holidays in the past and I love it very much. I hope I will experience it again.

There are so many things I love on a cruise holiday. One of it are the various live entertainments every night and also during the day. During that cruise trip in Greece last year, there were so many talented musicians who keep the boat rolling with their wonderful music. Many of them played various musical instruments like Applause Guitars, piano, drums and what else? I believed many of them play different instruments.

That is why cruise holidays are never boring because of these talented performers and entertainers from dancers to singers, acrobats and many more.  Be sure to experience it once in your life! Cheers!



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