Thursday, September 15, 2016

Live Music and Performances in Any Festivals

It is such a lovely day today. The sun shines like diamond outside. Oh, I guess it is some lyrics of a song. I am just trying to cheer-up myself since I am not really feeling good. I have been sick since almost a week now and can't really do anything heavy.  I am thankful that there is laptop and internet where I can check stuffs or chat with friends to ease me a bit.

There are a lot of festivals going on in Europe especially in the nearby places. Sad to say, I cannot go anywhere due to my situation. I already missed a lot of events and festivals. More on that,  I miss listening to the live bands and all live performances especially those that involves playing musical instruments. A wonderful guitar to hear like  gretsch rancher , the sounds of cymbals, the beat of the drums and the blowing of the trumpets, for me those are just wonderful!

I hope and pray to be backed to my normal health, fit and strong again to do my daily duties and maybe to have fun out there in a festival.

Have a wonderful day folks! Stay safe!!



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