Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Groupons Things to Do in Seattle

 This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Traveling is always my favorite topic! Since I was bitten by this travel bug called wanderlust, it never stops anymore. I miss those years when I travel full time and I hope I win millions of  lottery to continue to finance my travel.  Sad to say, I have to go back to work again to save money to cure my sickness.  Having been to many countries and I would say 46 so far for now and to 4 continents, this travel virus still continue to attack me all the time.

This is also the reason why I just booked my next trip and just received my travel confirmation! I am feeling great now despite not feeling good.

Back to the main topic about visiting Seattle, Washington. I have been to this city exactly four years ago. Wow, time flies so fast! Thanks to facebook for sharing  travels and memories from the past.  There are still a lot of  things that I need to experience in this beautiful city. I am thankful for  Groupon Things To Do for sharing a lot of travel tips about Seattle.  They also sell discounted tickets for shows and entertainment, sporting events, movie tickets, museums' entrances  and more.

I miss a lot of things in Seattle. What can you do when you only have limited time during your visit? Hopefully in my second visit, I can see and experience more of  the city.  I will surely check Groupon for travel deals and other offers. I already know that this site offers big discounts and savings for a cheap traveler like me.

If you are a shopper and at the same time a traveler like me, let's us check together Groupon. For sure, we will be happy of the great deals and discounts they offer!



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