Sunday, September 4, 2016

Missing the Fun and Shopping in San Francisco, California

Travels and Memories! It is great to travel back in the past by looking at the photographs I took during my previous travels. There are so many places I wish to go back again. Since time and finances are not available at the this time, it is not possible to do some travels as expensive as that. Besides I just came back  two months ago from a long vacation in Asia.  What I can do now are just day trips or weekend travels.

Yes, I miss the fun I had with my friends and siblings in the United States. It has been four years now since may last visit in that continent.  I also miss the many shows and entertainments  there.  I know one of these days, I will visit USA again. 

I would love to go to  palm desert california. I know it is a wonderful place to shop for musical instruments. It is a perfect shop to window shop for music gadgets especially  to all my friends who love to play such things.  They have various choices from guitars, pianos, organs, trumpets, drums and more. If you are looking for any musical instruments, visit their shop or website for more information.

For now, I would love to share this photo I took during that  mini cruise in San Francisco, California!  Enjoy your  day folks! Take care!



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