Monday, July 7, 2008

Hello To All- Accept my Apology

It's been a long time since I haven't updated this blog. To all my dear readers, visitors and friends, my deepest Apology..Having lots of blogs is not easy but I just enjoy doing it. If ever I can't update this from time to time, you can also take a look in my other pages.

I was also out for 2 months from May- June during my trip to US. Also the reason why I was not able to update this blog..but at least as what I have said , just visit my other sites for more updates..

I will try my best to update this site. I hope that I can share to you more of my Europe Travel and escapades and also some infos about Europe in a couple of days..

Once again, I am very sorry!!! have a great weekend in advance!!

see yah!!


twinks said...

no probs sis.. ana man jud na sometimes we have our own important reasons why we can't be online always lalo na if you have multiple blogs.. sipag man gud kaayo hehehe..
sis done with your new layout, i hope you'll like it.. ikaw na bahala arrange sa imong widgets, i used the same friends linkies. :] ingat


elow sis...asus nakuratan na pud ko dah....wehehehe...wafah na pud hahaha...lipay ako batikulon...bitaw sis..daghang salamat ha.....great job!! keep it up...thanks a lot


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