Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Share your Blessings thru Bisdak Planet Foundation

"The children are the future of our Fatherland", as the saying goes which I believed is true. I am asking those friends, readers and even visitors to help the children in our own small ways. A dollar that you will donate will bring a thousand smiles into the face of those children. Let us give love not only on Christmas day, but, everyday. Just click the Paypal donate button in my sidebar if you want to donate. Thanks a lot for your help and assistance:] Visit Bisdakplanet for more info.

BisdakPlanet Foundation aims to help our less fortunate “kababayans” and is dedicated to helping the Filipino children.

All of us were once innocent little creatures. Reminiscing the past, our childhood years always bring smile and gladness in our hearts. We have played all sorts of games to our hearts’ content, free from worries and doubts of the future.
School had been both our learning institution and playground.

It is therefore a privilege to become part of this endeavor in making these children,
these Filipino children, experience the warmth of childhood we once enjoyed
by bringing to them some gifts we could share.

Be involved. Let’s take pleasure in making their journey to school a happy one.

Join us as we embrace the child in us - free spirited and full of joy by sharing and helping.


Carlota said...

Rubz kini na blog mao na ni siya http://www.mymetablog.com gi forward na nako.

suwayi kuno ug butang ang imong domain pero morag nag work man siya kay type nako ang www.mymetablog.com mi prompt man diria. pero try kuno ni.

Log in sa imong blog then click settings then publishing then custom domain then Switch to advanced settings then type ang www.mymetablog.com then save. see kung mag work ba then paabot lang mga an hour or so...email lang kung naay problema ha.

twinks said...

Goodluck sa BisdakPlanet. Tani maging successful ang mission. And kudos to us bisdakplanet members for this one.. lalo na sa admin! :]


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