Sunday, February 22, 2009

Carnival in Velburg, Germany

some of the ladies who participated in the Carnival custom huh!! don't forget to visit my other sites..will post more photos later..

I have been in front of my computer for some hours now. After I uploaded the photos in my pc, I was still not able to update my blogs because I did some blog hopping, visited some online shops, checked my email, prepared the dinner , etc..etc..

Let me share to you first about the Fasching which is also called Fastnacht in German and Carnival in English. The Carnival in Velburg was still witnessed by a lot of people despite the snowy and rainy weather. As we first came in there around 1:30 pm, there were still not a lot of people. Around 2 pm, the street were already full of watchers and viewers of this famous event in the different places of Germany. It was an awesome event today!! Just visit my other sites for more photos and updates! have a great evening!


i devour fashion said...

hello! we also have Carnival here in Aalst called "Carnaval" which started last Saturday (i'm not so sure cuz i'm not a fan.) until Wednesday this week. Ours is more of a political spoofs. I love the colors, though, and the floats and the candies.....


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