Monday, February 23, 2009

A Photo from Carnival in Germany

I am just sharing another photo from the carnival in Velburg, Germany..also some info about Fasching or fastnacht or simply carnival or carnaval in Germany..have a great Monday guys!!

Alemannic Fastnacht (German carnival)
The "Swabian-Alemannic" carnival begins on January 6 (Epiphany/Three Kings Day). This celebration is known as Fastnacht. Variants are Fasnet, Fasnacht or Fasent. Fastnacht is held in Baden-Württemberg, parts of Bavaria, and Alsace. Switzerland and Vorarlberg, in Austria, also hold this celebration. The festival starts on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, known in these regions as Schmutziger Donnerstag or Fettdonnerstag. In standard German, schmutzig means "dirty", but actually the name is from the local dialect where schmutzig means "fat"; "Greasy Thursday" (also compare: "Mardi Gras" in New Orleans). Elsewhere the day is called "Women's Carnival" (Weiberfastnacht), being the day when tradition says that women take control. In particular regions of Tyrol, Salzburg and Bavaria traditional processions of the Perchten welcome the springtime. The Schönperchten ("beautiful Perchts") represent the birth of new life in the awakening nature, the Schiachperchten ("ugly Perchts") represent the dark spirits of wintertime. Farmers yearn for warmer weather and the Perchtenlauf (Run of Perchts; typical scenery) is a magical expression of that desire. The nights between winter and spring, when evil ghosts are supposed to go around, are also called Rauhnächte ("rough nights").


EditorPinoy said...

ka bibo ba nimo mam oi!hehe sa sunod pabaga na jud ko picture mga ingon ana ba kay wa jud au ko pics diri labi na pics na naa Culture theme.haha Just read your About Me page and you are absolutely right: "Life is boring without challenges and adventures". These words gave me hope in getting a job here in Germany. Thanks! ^_^

Euroangel said...

hahaha...kataw man ko nimo least bisan naa ta diri sa malayo nga lugar..naa gihapon kalipay di ba..di lang maghuna-huna sa atua kay na lisud kaayo..also always" Life is still great""

i always wish you hope and more luck and success in!!

EditorPinoy said...

Halu mam,

Kung pwede pa lang mam ako butang navigation sa imo blog. Kaso lang ako ang mo login imo account which is not safe for your side knowing the fact na imoha na sha na account.hehe dili man gud pareha ra pure widget and ako Navigation bar kailangan pag tweak sa code. Usa pa I prefer sa imo navigation kay na han.ay na kaysa maguba nya. klase2x baya ang pag layout sa template naa uban katag na mo change kag code ma apektahan ang uban. naa pud sayon ra.hehe mao na sha.hehe ^_^

Euroangel said...

elow higala...mao lagi bilib ko sa imo talent about it kana mga html, css, php, unsa pa ba lain...sige lang tan-awon niya nato...hehehe..naa pa ko lain na site na wa pa na develop...kato nahan ko na very simple lay-out ra jud sama sa imuha...hehehe..pasensiya na ha...ayo2 dira kanunay..


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