Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Euro Travel in Oberpfälzer Freilandmuseum in Neusath-Perschen, Germany

What a great day today! I am thanking God for it! We made a trip today in different interesting places in the Oberpfalz or Upper Palatinate in Bavaria, Germany. One of the interesting places we visited was the Oberpfälzer Freilandmuseum in Neusath-Perschen in the state of Bavaria, Germany. This museum is now owned by the District of Upper Palatinate since 1977. This museums features the Life and Living of the people in the Upper Palatinate in the past centuries. I really found it very interesting and fascinating. This museum is also considered to be the oldest museum of its kind in Bavaria.

The Freilandmuseum is divided into different places wherein it represent the different regions in the Oberpflaz or Upper Palatinate. The places are called the following;
* Stiftlanddorf
* Naabtaldorf
* Waldlerdorf
* Juradorf
* Mühlental

It was a lot of walking we had today. I thought the first place called Stiftlanddorf is the only one. I was surprised that it where a lot and requires a lot of walking too...a great exercise for me today. These are some photos I had from today. Feel free to visit my other sites later for more pictures.
I'm striking a pose in the very old house of Stiftlanddorf in Oberpfälzer Freilandmuseum in Neusath-Perschen. This house was built around 1600. You can see here different farming gadgets used during those times by the people.

see these very old farming equipments and machinery here...very amazing how the preserved such things!



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