Friday, May 29, 2009

Travel and Safety Tips For Today

I thought I am signing-off already. But here I am again and will be sharing about travel and safety tips especially when you travel with your children. Before I begin with the main topic, let me say some words about the picture I got here. I can't stop my camera from clicking as I saw this airplane above one of the towers in Windsor Castle in Windsor, England. Isn't it a nice catch? I guess this airplane had just took-off from Heathrow Airport in London. Windsor is not so far from London.

Since we are talking about airplane and flying now, let me take take this opportunity to discuss some travel and safety tips. Don't you know that traveling with kids or children can be very stressful sometimes especially if you don't have the right gadgets for traveling. It is always a must for children to be bucked when traveling either with your car or maybe flying in airplane. It is better to have a child aviation restraint system for your children for their safe and comfortable travel. Even you as parents will also have a stress-free travel if you know that your kids are also traveling safety. CARES is a simple gadget made of belt and buckle and is very easy to use for your children who are between 22-44 pounds. You don't need to carry anymore a heavy car seat but instead a CARES that creates a safe and comfortable travel both for you and your kids. I guess that all for today! I am finally signing-off.


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