Thursday, June 4, 2009

Escape To Nuernberg, Germany

I had an escape to Nuernberg or Nuremberg, Germany yesterday. That is the reason why I was absent in the blogosphere. Perfect timing because there was a rally going on by the CSU for the Europe Parliament Election. They also have a band to entertain people and some musicians also play piano. I was enable to see the Minister President of the state of Bavaria in Germany. His name is Horst Seehofer. Some people are also giving flyers which I think are information about CSU political party. Sad to say, they did not give me a flyer. Maybe they thought I can't vote on Sunday for the Europe Parliament Elections but they are mistaken.....tsk tsk tsk! I am already a German citizen and can vote for any elections in Germany and Europe. I guess I'm not voting them too!! Sad to say that discrimination is really happening all over the world. The important thing is, I had fun with friends yesterday in Nuernberg, Germany! Cheers!

these couple are listening to the CSU rally in Nuernberg..A pose is enough for me!


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