Friday, August 28, 2009

I Need More Storage for My Travel Photos

Thank God it's Friday! No escapade for tomorrow but we will be attending a friend's birthday party. My computer hard disk is almost full again. I need to transfer some travel photos to my 400G external hard disk drive and delete it in my pc afterwards. I am slowly doing it today and hopefully will finish it this weekend. There are a lot of kinds of storage. I guess it is self- explanatory if ever you need any kind of storage whether for your documents, files, photos or probably for your goods and products or anything that needs to be stored and you don't have enough space for it. The last one is my main topic here.

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Before I temporarily sign-off now, let me share a travel photo taken in Prague, Czech Republic last year. That is the St. Vitus Cathedral located near the Prague Castle.Have a great weekend folks!


Mary Elizabeth said...

Have a lovely weekend!


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