Sunday, August 30, 2009

Visiting the Birth House of Mozart in Salzburg, Austria

Do you know Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? I did not had the chance to see him live but I had the chance too see the city where he was born, Salzburg in Austria. I also had the chance to had a pose in front of his house which is now a museum. Mozart is famous being a composer and musician. You can browse the net for more information about him. Here I am in front of Mozart's birth house last June 2007.


Mary Elizabeth said...

Great experience and lovely visit!
Nice to be around.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a lovely week ahead.

Norm said...

hi! Rubs! just visit you here nasaag bitaw ko ako gipangita imong todays flower, hehehehe

Thanks for the visit...

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Thanks for showing us!

lancelonie said...

This is so cool! If only I can conquer my fear of heights, I could have traveled far like you... :)

Euroangel said...

thanks for the visit my friend..

Mary E..seems that your profile is set to private now..

Dae Norms..daghang salamat!

Hi Yogi..happy to see yah around..

Sad to hear about you lancelonie...always try to conquer your fear!

take care guys!


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