Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Visiti to the Olympia Park in Munich

Good day everyone! First of all I would like to offer a prayer and condolence to the families of the dead victims due to flood and typhoon in Manila, Philippines. I really felt sad after watching some videos and reading the news over the internet. I am thankful to God that my family are in good hands. We live in another island called in Cebu, an island in Visayas in the Philippines.

I also would like to share a photo taken last Saturday during our visit to the Olympia Park in Munich, Germany. The weather that day was very windy and you need a wind breaker jacket to fight the cold wind sometimes. But it was a nice day especially after visiting the Oktoberfest.

My other highlight for today is about Minka Aire Concept II fan. I am thinking of Philippines because summer time there is sometimes very hot. Getting a ceiling fan is a must especially if you live in the city. I was browsing the net and found some simple and elegant design at Lighting Sale. I love especially that Minka Aire Supra design. The price is also competitive. It is also available in different material, colors and designs. I also found out that it is very easy to assemble. I am not so sure if they deliver in the Philippines. I'll check it out guys! Have a great day! More photos to come later.



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