Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Louvre Museum in Paris, France

This is me in the picture taken during our visit to Paris, France last March of this year. This was taken in the biggest and the famous museum not only in Paris but the whole world as well. It is no other than Musée du Louvre, also called Grand Louvre or the Louvre Museum in English. I was so happy as we had around two hours visit to this museum. It was not enough and I am still planning to visit next time. Off topic for now is about my shopping escapade in Neumarkt the other weekend. I bought two cell phones, one for my brother and one for my father. I hope they will be happy for myu Christmas presents to them. I will be seeing home soon. I am quite excited. I will see what fun I will have there. Goodnight guys!


James said...

I love the Louvre. I was there in February. When we go to Paris we stay in an apartment that is walking distance from the Louvre and we always get the museum pass.
Paris is great!

I hope you have a wonderful time when you go home to the Philippines.

Ian Bryce said...

I think a visit in Paris is expensive, but I hope to see it one day... Well, goodluck on your homecoming trip and I'm sure they'll appreciate your gifts for them this Christmas!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

The Louvre is on my bucket list.


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