Friday, November 13, 2009

My Euro Travel in Birmingham's Christmas Market

Happy Christmas Birmingham! These are th words written in the Christmas lights in front of the building in my background. I remember those escapades that I had in England with my dear friend Dae Loloy and other friends too. That was such great experiences seeing parts of England including the Christmas Market in Birmingham, England. Imagine experiencing the second largest populous city in Britain! That building you see in the background is the Birmingham City Council House. Victoria Square is also located near this building. I thought I can only see these places in my dreams but I was there and my dreams slowly came true, that is seeing cities and countries in Europe. feel free to click the picture to enlarge.

Birmingham City Council House, taken last Nov. 15, 2008 during my three weeks vacation in England. Thanks to all good friends I met there.


Ruthi said...

Experiencing Christmas in another country is both wonderful and fun. Though sometime you may feel that it is still incomplete without having with you the people you left behind. Still Christmas is the season to celebrate life and happiness. Merry Christmas in advance.

Davis said...

Beautiful pictures of London, well taken, your smile everlasting...its nice to see people happy

When you plan to Travel anywhere in India do let me know i could give some nice places to visit where you would be surrounded nature at its best...


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