Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Salzburg, Austria

I guess I have enough about Vienna, Austria. Let's visit this time Salzburg, Austria. I have been to this city twice already. My first visit was in June 2007 and the second one was in November 2008. I felt sorry because I really don't have good pictures from this city. I hope to visit it again and take good photos. I just ordered a lens camera and maybe in my next visit, you can already see better pictures. This was taken in Salzburg Residenzplatz or Imperial Residence Plaza. Residenz is usually a palace where the Royal family live during those times. I can't stay too long this afternoon, I have to fix some office supplies to be packed-up inside my balikbayan box. I will be sending one again next week. I am afraid that I am having an excess weight in the plane. It is time for me to slowly pack-up now. More updates in my other blogs! Have a great day!



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