Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wolfstein Castle in Neumarkt, Bavaria, Germany

I guess it is time to travel again in Europe. Have you heard about Wolfstein Castle or Burgruine Wolfstein? It is a castle ruin located in Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate part of Bavaria, Germany. It is not so far from us, maybe around forty minutes drive. I have been to this castle for some times already. My last visit was in July last year. I always see this castle everytime we drive to Neumarkt. If I live near this castle, I might go walking here everyday. I believed walking is a very good exercise and one way of losing weight. Anybody knows the best diets that work? Anyway, if you want to look closer on the picture of Wolfstein Castle, you can click it to enlarge. I guess you can also see me better if you do that. I also posted more pictures of this castle in my other sites. Feel free to also browse my categories here. Good evening and tschuss!



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