Monday, October 4, 2010

Dining and Shopping While Traveling

I believed shopping and dining always go together. Imagine yourself without eating while traveling? I can't really do that. The problem is, where to find good Restaurants to dine-out. I remember some travel experiences that me and my friend had during our Europe adventure last August 2010. We had been looking for Asian restaurants in Rome and Paris but it is very difficult to find one.

Another difficult experience we had was finding for cheap Hotels in Cologne, Germany. It was also our fault because we did not book in advance that time and we were hoping that we can find a cheap one once we are there. That time there was a celebration in Cologne called "Spiel Messe" and was taken advantage by most hotels to rise their prices.

At least, we had fun especially looking at those Coffee Shops full of visitors and tourists in the different cities we visited during our Europe tour. We also dined-out in a coffee shop and restaurant in Rome. Some good travel tips I can share with you, always book your hotel in advance to avoid stress and to save time and money. Also try to look for good restaurants nearby your hotel or around the area where you are staying. Don't also forget to shop for souvenirs or presents for your family and friends.



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