Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Celebration Everywhere

How was your Christmas celebration? I hope that it turned out well just like ours. Some people especially the Europeans might spend their Christmas holiday somewhere for a trip in a warm country to avoid the freezing cold winter in Europe. Some might be stranded in any airport or train station because of the bad weather in Europe. That is quite sad. Happy for those who spent their Christmas with their family and friends. I am very thankful that we did had it! For us Filipinos, a karaoke machine is a part for a merrier celebration of any kind. Variety of foods are also prepared. Germans on the other way prepare only simple food. We did had a Schweinebraten (baked pork) with Knoedel (potato dumplings) and different kinds of cookies during Christmas Eve. Glasses of red wine were also served especially during the conversation time. It was again a memorable Christmas celebration!


Ian said...

Merry Christmas! Unfortunately for me I wasn't able to spent a Pinoy Christmas as I have a work duty on Christmas eve and the day after.


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