Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Euro Travel in Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am only sharing some travel snapshots from Amsterdam, Netherlands. I already shared some before, if not here, for sure in my other sites.

one of the narrow streets in Amsterdam city. I am not sure now if I took this image in the red light district of Amsterdam.

The Dam is a town square in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Its notable buildings and frequent events make it one of the most well-known and important locations in the city.

that blue colored house is one of the boat houses in Amsterdam. I took this image during our cruise on its canals.

Amsterdam is part of the province of North-Holland and is located in the west of the Netherlands next to the provinces of Utrecht and Flevoland. The river Amstel terminates in the city centre and connects to a large number of canals that eventually terminate in the IJ. Amsterdam is situated 2 metres above sea level.


aroth said...

Ruby---Yes, you are correct, this is the red light district. The windows on the right side of the picture are clearly recognizable as being part of the oldest church in Amsterdam, The Oudekirk in De Wallen. It is kind of a strange location for a church, but it is indeed located in the middle of the Red Light District. I guess that after you do your business, you can go across the street and pray for forgiveness!! Thanks again for another fun one for me to research.......Art

Redruby said...

Hi Art..thanks again for this info...superb! have a great weekend in advance!


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