Saturday, April 9, 2011

Caravan Holiday in Wales

I had been in United Kingdom but not yet in Wales. I also read in a magazine today, that Anglesey, the largest island in the Irish sea will be the home of Prince William and Kate Middelton very soon. I wist to spend one of those wonderful caravan holidays Wales. This can be a fun and enjoyable holiday staying in one of the caravans equipped with all the facilities. The North Wales holiday park for example is a perfect place for a family to spend their holiday. The location of the place is also nice for relaxing being located near the beach.

If you want to invest in this part of the land, there are also Caravans for sale in Wales. It is located on the North Wales coast. The Marine Holiday Park is very accessible to the area which is an advantage for the whole family to have fun and enjoy. New or used caravans are available for sale depending on your type and budget. I also love their new lodges.

Marine Holiday Park is also equipped with tropically heated indoor swimming pool, satellite TV or play pool, a Kid's club and some other more. I can't imagine myself buying one of those caravans and enjoying my vacation there. Who knows when I win the lottery and buy one of it. Just kidding folks!

I have an image of the London Eye here. I was there last 2008.



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