Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Regensburg Cathedral in Bavaria, Germany

The Regensburger Dom or Regensburg Cathedral is a prime example of Gothic architecture in southern Germany. It is dedicated to St. Peter and considered to be the famous landmark of the city Regensburg in the state of Bavaria, Germany.

view of Regensburg Cathedral in the foreground the Donau or Danube River. taken during our visit last August 2010.

The Cathedral is also the burial place of important bishops, including Johann Michael von Sailer (1829-1832, memorial built by Konrad Eberhard in the south chancel), Georg Michael Wittmann (1832-1833, memorial also by Konrad Eberhard in the north chancel), and Archbishop Michael Buchberger (1927-1961, likewise in the north chancel). In the western part of the central nave stands a bronze memorial for the Prince-Bishop Cardinal Philipp Wilhelm (d. 1598), the brother of Duke Maximilian I of Bavaria. wikipedia



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