Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Invermere, British Columbia

I already heard a lot about British Columbia in Canada. When I have the chance, I want to visit this place in the future. In fact, I have some friends and schoolmates who are currently working and residing here. They are also inviting me to visit them one day. I would especially love to go to Invermere, a community in love eastern British Columbia, Canada, near the border of Alberta. It is known to be a famous summer destination for people from Calgary. I also read that there are Invermere condo resort that are for sale in this area. This simply means that you can buy an ownership for any condo in this place. I know I can't afford it unless I win in a lottery. More on that, these condos have a lot of amenities, both indoor and outdoor. If you love to learn or to play golf, Invermere is a perfect place to spend a vacation. It is a major centre of golf courses. Sports such as skiing, hockey, gliding and soaring are also very popular.

Are you ready to pack your luggage? Yes, I am but in other places! I am quite excited for my trip next week.



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