Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Best Snowmobile Destinations in Canada


The whole of Canada experiences a white winter every year. Therefore a winter vacation in Canada is a great idea if you genuinely enjoy the snow. And indeed, snow mobiles have increased in popularity over the last 90 years. In this article we discuss where the 5 best places in Canada are to enjoy a snowmobile vacation.

Five best Destinations

Haliburton Forest

Haliburton Forest is a privately owned forest in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario, about 270km northeast of Toronto. Haliburton Forest operates the only privately owned snowmobiling enterprise in the world. Here you will discover 60,000 acres (240 km) of forest wilderness, and dozens of lakes and ponds. Welcoming shelter cabins containing stoves and firewood are also situated along the trail.

ClubRed Grey Bruce

ClubRed Grey Bruce is geographically situated in Ontario stretching from Owen Sound in Durham to Beaver Valley. Grey Bruce is kept in good condition thanks to the work of volunteers. It possesses over one and a half thousand miles of trails… and best time to enjoy driving snow mobiles through these trails is between December and March.

White n Wild Adventures

White n Wild Adventures is situated in the Rocky Mountains… just west of Yoho National Park and relatively close to Alberta. White n Wild Adventures ensure that those going snow mobiling are equipped with quality winter gear, a highly qualified guide and a new skidoo. The advantage of the ‘guided’ aspect of the drive is that you are guaranteed a visually stunning experience. This is because the guides ensure that you drive your snow mobile in view of the beautiful mountain tops. At certain times of the year there is even the opportunity to take the Starlight ride and see the Northern Lights. (Aurora Borealis).

Quebec- Authentic

Quebec-Authentic covers a vast area between Montréal and Québec City.
Quebec-Authentic has a proud reputation for being a perfect place for snowmobiling. Indeed it is called ‘snowmobile country’.
Quebec-Authentic is a vast area with huge mountains, forest and lakes that have frozen over.
Again, the season for enjoying driving snow-mobiles here tends to be between December and March.

Maximage Adventure

Maximage Adventure has been offering snow mobile related packages since 1987. They claim to have returning happy customers year in, year out. Safety is a priority for Maximage Adventures and therefore guides (who are equipped with first aid kits and first aid knowledge) go out with the snow mobile driver. The guides also have phone contact with their base. As for the leisure aspect, those expert guides also know the most visually fantastic regions to show the snow mobile driver, whether they be Quebec, Mauricie or Lac-Saint-Jean or elsewhere.


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