Saturday, August 4, 2012

Passing By in Dürnstein During A Cruise in Danube River

Danube River, called in German as Donau Fluss is the second longest river  in Europe after  Volga. I already  experienced a lot of short cruises on this  river. One of the it was the cruise we had in Austria which started in Spitz. One of the towns we passed-by was Dürnstein.  This beautiful town is located in the Krems-Land district in the state of Lower Austria. It is considered to be one of the most visited town in the region of Wachau.

The town has a medieval castle  on the top of a hill. Dürnstein is a historical town which was first mentioned in 1192.

I took some snapshots during our cruise in this area last summer 2011. It was a wonderful one seeing the nature  that surrounds Danube.

View of the town from the Danube, with the castle seen on top of the hill.

The tower of a Church in Dürnstein. We really  did not had enough time to go inside because we just passed by in this area.
Some people went out from the boat to have some sightseeing. Our group  stayed.


Guillaume Speurt said...

I have never seen been on the Danube, just saw it in Vienna, and for very short :)

I really appreciate the church's tower, I don't know the name of this architecture but they have the same in Lithuania.

Hope to have someday a boat tour on the Danube!

I leave a link on my last article about Bruges :) I didn't wrote since a long time but I had to finish this one.


eva hamori said...

Living in Budapest part-time, we have had many experiences on the Danube.
Cruising towards Vienna is beautiful, or a short trip just for dinner.
I am glad you liked it.

Happy and safe travels from our family to you!


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