Wednesday, August 1, 2012

London Olympics 2012 Snapshots

August is finally here! And  London Olympics 2012 is still going on.  This is truly a spectacle seeing the best  athlete in the world. I should be in the biggest sport event in history but due to other travel plans, I did not able to make it.  Besides it is not really my priority. Attending another more important  event that might happen only once in one's life is  my priority.  I am glad that my ticket to the US was already booked..yooohoo!

I was not in London but I had the chance to watch over  the television the opening of the London Olympics 2012.  Imagine staying until 2:00 am just to watch the opening ceremony. Without further adieu, let me just share the pictures I  took from the television..Thanks to zdf for covering it.

The Olympic Flame after it was all lit.

The symbol of Olympics

                                            The Olympic Stadium in London. Amazing view!



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