Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Miss The Pool in Vegas

It is almost two months now since my last vacation in the US. There are a lot of destinations to visit during that trip but a month of stay is not enough to see everything. At least I was able to visit  some of the  cities  that I want  to see.  I wish I could stay longer like my first vacation  last  2008,  where I stayed there for two months but I just can't since my plane ticket was telling me to go home already.

One of the things I miss there is staying in my sister's home in Las Vegas. I miss her pool. I never had the chance to go swimming due to busy schedules of going elsewhere  everyday. I would like to tell her about
 hayward led pool light. I guess she need some for  her pool. I am proud of her having a home of her own now. She works hard for it and I know for sure, she will always succeed in her career, coupled with hard work and prayers.

I hope in my next visit there, I can already spent time swimming with my sisters  or simply dipping in the pool while drinking wine. I took some photos from  my sister's pool and here is one of it.



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