Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mini-cruise in Wachau, Austria

 It seems that  my first days of December has been so busy.The busiest was  the first day of the 12th month of the year.  We've been  installing, moving and rearranging furniture at home. Finally I ma back here now.

It's time to remember again wonderful trips from the past. The mini-cruise  I had with a friend in Danube in Wachau region in Austria was an awesome one.  I can't avoid  to say beautiful  about the picturesque landscape in this part of Austria.  Our cruise started  in  Spitz and ended up in Krems. During the cruise, you cannot only see the beauty of nature around but also experience to see historical architectures like churches, castle ruins, monastery and  buildings of interest.

That was a short but a very awesome and relaxing cruise trip in  Danube River.

Wachau is one of the most famous tourist destination in Lower Austria.
River cruise in Danube in Wachau, Austria last August 2011.



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