Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Visiting Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain

When I first visited Spain last  December 2011, I told myself that I must also visit Barcelona one day.  During my first visit, we had a sightseeing in  some of the cities in Andalusian region including Cordoba, Seville and Granada. We also visited Madrid  and Toledo that time.

I visited it  again for the second time in March 2012 hoping to get a temporary job in Madrid.  That job did not materialized. It is a long story and I  will try to share it next time. While staying in  Spain's capital city for almost three weeks, I did some sidetrips to Avila, Guadalajara, Alcala de Henares, Aranjuez and  El Escorial. During my stay there, I also had the chance to visit most  corners  of the city.I will never get lost in Madrid because this is the only city in Europe  where I explored most.

My visit in Spain happened for the third time. Last summer 2012 in July, my friends invited me for a bus trip  from Germany to Catalonia's capital city.  It was a very exhausting long long trip but we  enjoyed it  a lot. To make the story short,  I finally  visited Barcelona.

Bird nests built by Gaudí in the terrace walls.© http://myeurotravelandadventures.blogspot.com

One of the sights we visited is  Park Güell. It is located on the hill of El Carmel in the Gracia district of Barcelona. The famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi designed and built it from 1900 to 1914.

We had a walk around the park.  The weather was quite hot that time  despite being cloudy. I was informed that the best time to visit Barcelona is during autumn season, in October or November.  During our walk, I saw the Gaudi House Museum, the dragon or salamander mosaic at the entrance of the park, the viaduct, colonnade partway, mosaic on the ceiling of Hypostyle Room and the pavilion at the entrance.

Park Güell or Parc Güell in Catalan is not listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites under "Works of Antoni Gaudi. I still wish to visit this park again.

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Buildings at the entrance of  park Güell. From the main terrace of the park, you can have a  nice view of the city of Barcelona.   © http://myeurotravelandadventures.blogspot.com


taxidia4fun said...

isn't it amazing? Our trip to Barcelona was one of the best. I missed it when I saw your post.


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