Friday, February 1, 2013

Travel The World As A Nurse

Don't you know with the career you choose, you can travel the world for free?  Yes, there are professions that  can  lead you to see and visit places around the world.  During my  trip  in Barcelona, Spain last summer 2012,   I  met a nurse named Fe.   We had  a conversation  during that bus trip  and she told me that she is so thankful  that she  was  assigned as a  nurse in Germany. She worked in a clinic  in one of the US bases in this country.  She was so glad  when she passed and succeeded  in taking one of the online RN-BSN programs  years before. If you are a nurse aiming to have a BSN degree, you can take online programs while working. For sure, that will be a challenging moment for you.

After three  years of being stationed in Germany, she posted in her facebook profile  last December 2012 that her assignment in Europe was one of the greatest  experiences she had in her life. She is happy and contented to travel and experience many beautiful places in this continent.  She said, being a nurse is  full of challenges and she always loves  it.She is  backed  in the US now.

Nowadays, there are many possibilities to pursue a career. With the advent of computer and internet, there are always chances of taking online degrees.  If you are a  registered nurse with an associate’s degree or a diploma, you can already taken online courses to continue your  professional nursing competence.  At Travel  Nursing Concordia for example, you can take online RN to  BSN programs if you seek to further your education.  At Concordia, you, as nursing students are prepared for service and leadership  in all settings and promotes values of lifelong learning including  ethical practice and spiritual development.

If you are a nurse who also want to work abroad, there are many countries who are  hiring nursing jobs and other medical or health-care related jobs.  Among the few  ones are USA, Middle east, Canada Australia, United Kingdom and other European countries. If you want to travel the world, there are also organizations like  Red Cross  and UN who are hiring nurses,  who are assigned worldwide.  Being  a nurse is truly a  job that you can  always be proud of!



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