Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Planning for a Trip to Poland

A friend called me last night and was asking about some trips this summer. I suggested a trip to Andorra and Lourdes, France but she needs to apply for a visa in Andorra. We did not pursue with the booking since it will take time to process a visa for her. At the moment, she is still processing the renewal of her passport in the Philippine embassy in Berlin. I suggested a trip to Poland and I also told her that the hotel we will be staying has an indoor pool. She has a kid traveling with her and I am not quite sure if the little boy needs an ada pool lift when spending time inside the pool. Places to be visited during this trip to Poland are Krakow, Annaberg (Germany), Częstochowa, Wroclaw and Opole.

We will decide with whether to book this  trip when  I come back from my trip in the Balkans. My friend also needs to wait when her new passport  arrives.



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