Sunday, May 5, 2013

Travel and Food always Go Together

I hope most of you agree that travel and food always go together. Raise your hand if you don't! If you have to ask me, I always love to taste local delicacies or specialties of a certain place everytime I travel. I love to cook and love dining as well. This simply means that I love to taste foods of any kinds.

delicious  dishes  served  during our  recent cruise.

 There is only one problem that I am currently facing. I already gained more pounds from my travels. I thought of losing excess kilos because I always walk when doing the sightseeing of a place but I am wrong. I want to try to lose my excess pounds by doing more exercise and by not eating too much. I also would like to buy the best jade yoga mat because I want to do yoga sessions the coming days.

During my recent trip, I cannot avoid to try international dishes served at  the ship's restaurants. Scandinavian foods, Italian, Asian and other European delicacies were served  everyday during that cruise trip. I am missing the food from that trip.


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