Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Find a Job, Go Back to School or Continue Traveling?

This is sometimes confusing! If you are attending school, your time to travel is already limited. If you go to work, it is the same. You might have the money but you don't have the time to travel.

If you travel, it can be a very luxurious hobby! I am not really a luxurious person but traveling has been my passion, I guess since I was born! lolz! 

View of Budapest, Hungary from Gellert Hill during my first visit in summer 2011.

Now,  the question is?? Am I going back to school or continue being a work at home individual and continue to explore planet earth and travel anytime anywhere when finances are available? If I go back to the university, I might need some college book rentals or buy some. If I continue to travel, I will surely continue my hobby which is collecting travel books.

My  Bachelors Degree in Commerce majoring in Accounting is nothing to the place where I am living now. Sometimes, it is quite depressing and thanks Goodness I am still alive and kicking!

This is one of the things that bothers me the past weeks...going back to school, to work or to continue doing what I am doing at the moment! Truly confusing!  Any help out there? Thanks in advance!

I  am also sharing an image from Budapest during my first visit to Hungary's capital city last August 2011. I visited it again last June 2012.


Christinchen (Pink*Jeep) said...

That question sure is hard to answer as you always have to consider a lot of issues :) I for one, recently went back to school and took a short course for 4 months. It was a huge leap for me from being online 4 hours a day as a blogger to being online on a limited time because of my new sched. frankly, I missed blogging and it's perks, haha. anyways, all I can say is just follow your heart!


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