Monday, September 2, 2013

Where's My Next Destination

The BER months  finally begins and  I am happily welcoming  the month of  September! Inspite the challenges I already experienced  during the first day of this month, I am  always hopeful  it  will still be great one! I love challenges and without it, my life is boring! yay!

The month of August  has been a wonderful one! With regards to my Europe travels and adventures, I visited four countries in the  Baltic region and part of Scandinavia including Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn. It was indeed  a wonderful cruise trip in this side of Europe.

I also celebrated my big day successfully. I believed,  I  had already done my part last month. I am very grateful for all the blessings and graces  I received from up above. Thanks also to good friends who made it happened especially those who helped me prepared for my thanksgiving birthday. I truly appreciate it.

So where's really the destination for this month. I should keep this secret but I guess it is time to share it now. I will be exploring Toskana or Tuscany  this month. This trip has  been planned and booked  for almost two months now.

It will be a 7-days trip in Tuscany. Among the places and cities included in the itinerary are Carrara,  Portovenere, Firenze or Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Sienna.  I believed these places are so interesting that I can't wait to visit it soon. This is quite an adventure again because  I will be travelling alone but with a   group of the the most travelled people in the world. Any idea?

I have been to many places in Italy  and even visited Venice  five times but this will be my first  time in Tuscany. I will see what will surprise me to those places. I want to find time to  gather  all the  must-see sights in these places as well. I  partly read my Europe Travel guide book and found out that these places are really worth to see!

I guess, I have to slowly sign-off now.  Thanks  Goodness for the blessings this first week of September.

Feel free to browse my other travels in Italy here. Wishing all my readers and visitors a wonderful month of September!



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