Monday, October 28, 2013

I Love the Colorful Autumn in Europe!

Europe is having autumn season at the moment. Did you already turn back your clocks or watches one hour earlier?  I already did it yesterday because it was the day  when we need to change our time one hour earlier. 

The weather might not be so friendly during autumn season but I still love it!  Sometimes, the sky is gray  and sometimes it keeps on raining. Thanks Goodness, we had a lovely weather the past days. Today,  I heard over the news that some parts of Europe were even experiencing storm especially last night in England.

A bridge in our place and the colorful surroundings during autumn time in  Bavaria, Germany.
The colorful surroundings wherein the leaves of the trees turn from green to orange, yellow, brown, red, pink and other colors simply make it beautiful!
Walking way and the  foliage during autumn.
I remember a friend from the US who said that they are also having  fall season in their area. Yes, our US and Canadian  friends  call  Autumn season as Fall season. This is the time of the  year when summer is over. Autumn is the transition  from summer into  winter. During this time, the days are getting shorter and the nights  longer.

For some people, autumn is a the beginning of melancholy. I guess, this is  because the sun seldom shines. I am happy that the sun was shining the past days and still hoping to shine in the coming days.

There is only one thing I can say, no matter what time  of the year  it is, we must savour each day of it and live life to the fullest!

Cheers and have a wonderful autumn or fall season to all who are experiencing it at the moment!



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