Friday, November 1, 2013

The Street Performers in Madrid

It is always good to remember past travels. Thanks to my digital cameras, I can always turn back time by looking all the photographs I took from my travels. One great example was my trip in Spain's capital. Madrid is one of the cities I love in Europe and I still want to go back there even though I already visited it twice.

A very funny street performer in Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain.
 The last time I visited Madrid last last winter 2012. I had a great time in this city walking around from east to west and from north to south. This is the only European capital where I explored most of its corners. I always walked around Madrid everyday during that trip that after each day walk, I need an exciting foot rest. Walking can be very tiresome if you don't do it in a pace.

One I thing, I remember most in Madrid are the many street performers you can see around especially in Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol. There are musicians playing too and they really play good music.

One of these days, I believed I will visit Madrid again!



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