Saturday, November 23, 2013

Live Entertainment at the Landshut Wedding Festival

It was indeed a fabulous festival! You don't only experience to see historic buildings and sights but you will also witness the reenactment of one of the famous pageants in Europe. The Landshuter Hochzeit, known as the Landshut Wedding festival,  is truly a must to-see when visiting Germany in summer.

Live medieval  musicians playing medieval music at the Landshut Wedding  festival.
This festival is held every four years. Its last celebration was last summer 2013. It was already my second visit and I feel so happy visiting events and celebrations like this!  One thing I love in this event are the live entertainments you can experience in many corners of the city including the Altstadt or  its Old City.

The medieval musicians you can see in this image here seems to use medieval instruments also. I suggest they should try to find a classic se215 at guitar center for their next show in four years. haha! I'm just kidding folks! I know they want to use medieval-like music instruments here. I also love to hear their medieval music during this event.

My friends whom I brought with me at the festival truly had fun in there! They thanked me   after letting them experienced such a wonderful historic pageant!



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