Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Visit to the Furniture Store in Regensburg

When someone gets bored, one thing to get rid of her boredom is to visit some stores and go window shopping. She loves especially going to furniture stores. She loves knowing and getting home ideas, latest trends about home and garden decorations and more.

Home decors in Ikea store in Regensburg.
It is quite a long time now since I visited a furniture shop. I guess, I was not bored at all because I have been very busy the past months. There are so many things that keep me busy including my travel escapades in Europe. I am planning to visit again this big furniture shop Regensburg to look for undermount and more Christmas decors.

Besides, I was quite bored this month  because I don't  get the chance to travel. I was sick for almost two  weeks and besides budget is quite low. I have some things to consider more important than travelling. Travels will resume next month again. I will be visiting some Christmas markets in Europe. Thanks God I am doing well again!



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