Friday, December 20, 2013

Live Performance at the Christmas Market in Bratislava

The weather was not really friendly during our trip to Slovakia's capital city. It was raining and snowing and also very cold. I am thankful that I did wore perfect winter jacket and a very comfortable leather boots. The weather did not stopped me from walking around the city and visiting some of its Christmas Markets. It is held in this 3 areas, Hviezdoslavovo Square, Main Square and Frantiskanske Square.

Choir in Bratislava's Christmas Market.
The squares fill up with wooden booths with vendors offering traditional Slovak Christmas decorations and gifts and a variety of traditional food and drinks.

During my visit I am lucky to watch some of its live public performances especially in Hviezdoslavovo Square and Main Square. I believed, witnessing the live choir singing Christmas songs was one of the highlights of my visit there. I also witnessed street performers when I went walking around the city center especially in the old city. One was playing a kind of flute and I was wondering if he is using a brand name gemeinhardt. I read online that it is one of the largest makers of quality flutes and piccolos in the world. Some musicians were also playing guitars along the narrow streets of Bratislava.

I wish, I had more time exploring the city but since our time was limited, I was not able to visit most of its sights including its castle. This might be one of the reasons why I want to visit there again.

Have a great holiday season to everyone!



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