Sunday, October 29, 2017

Going On a Road Trip

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Good morning in this part of the globe! Not really a good weather when I woke-up. I   looked outside of the window this morning and looks like it is a gray weather. It is quite stormy outside and the heaven is crying until now. I still wish for a s summer weather but hey, this is nature and we can't do anything about it.

Well, it is a perfect time to slowly pack my luggage and finish some offline and online tasks. I am really very busy the past days and weeks and I will be very happy if I will be hitting the road again. Yes, one more week to go and I am ready for a road trip again. It is less than a month since I came back from vacation in Romania and that was really nice.

One of these days, I will be rolling the road often if I already have the perfect car for a road trip. I am driving a regular car right now which is just perfect for going to work and doing errands like grocery shopping, driving to doctor's appointment, visiting friends and other  personal errands.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Shopping in Regensburg

Hello folks! How are you doing out there? Hope that life is getting better everyday. So far, I can't complain for now. I am so thankful for the many things and blessings endowed upon me and my family. Truly so grateful about it.  There are just a lot of things to be thankful of!

Anyway, last Friday I took a one  day vacation leave from work because I have a lot of errands to do and some important appointments to attend to. One very important appointment was  in Regensburg. I am so happy that it went well and so thankful for the good news.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Visit to Salzburg, the City of Sounds and Music

Hello Europe! Hello Spring season! I can't wait for the coming of spring! Tomorrow will be the beginning of the meteorological spring season. I heard it over the news and I am very excited because I can slowly see the first spring flowers in the backyards.

Anyway, I am planning for the next travels again. I already booked the first trip for this year and still planning for the rest of the vacation for this year. I am planning to book a musical show anywhere in Europe. I am already deciding whether  to go back to Salzburg, a beautiful city in Austria. I have been there twice and still wanted to visit again.

Don't you know that it is the setting for the musical play and film The Sound of Music. That is the reason why I want to  go back there. I already watched the movie but seeing it live might be better. I need to get a guitar instruments at MF to learn how to play a guitar.  This movie  inspires me to learn how to play a musical instrument. Hopefully, one of these day, I can do it. Why not?

Don't you also know  that Salzburg is also the birthplace of the of 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? I visited his birth house during my first visit there. It was really interesting especially if you love music.

Don't miss Salzburg if you are in Austria. Have a great week ahead! Take care folks!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Planning for the Next Holiday

Hello 2017! Thank you for slowly being good to me! I already miss a lot of things and I am so thankful that you are slowly bringing back my normal life. Besides, I can't wait to travel again. That is why I am slowly planning for the next holidays  for 2017. Sad to say, I need to cancel my flight to Asia due to some reasons not under my control. Sometimes things change and so with people who are changing their decisions.  I did felt bad at first after hearing that my vacation is revoked. On the other hand, there might be some good reasons why things won't happen they way we wanted it to be. I have to accept the reality and change my travel plans.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Carols Everywhere in Europe

Happy Holidays! How's your day folks? How's holiday season going on? I hope everything is well with you all! So far, I am grateful because I am having again my normal life. I am already back to work. Thanks God for that. Since Christmas is almost approaching, I always heard songs and caroling over the radio. It makes me miss home more.

I wish I am home right now to experience live caroling especially from children who goes from house to house singing Christmas songs. Many of you might be shopping for Christmas presents at the moment. So far, I am not really into material things now. I keep on praying and wishing for good health and long life to explore and experience more of the beauty of this planet.

If there is only one thing I wish?? That would be a person who knows how to play a guitar like fender. If you want to know what is a fender, my musician friend can explain it to you. Is that okey folks? Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you all a wonderful celebration of the holiday season! Happy New Year 2017 as well!

All the best  and take care folks!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Heard Some Christmas Songs at the Christmas Market in Regensburg

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends all around the globe! I hope you are enjoying your day now with your family and friends. There are so many things to be thankful of especially for the life and the good health we have. I am so thankful that I am recovering now and thanks God for almost healing me fully.

I went for a doctor's check-up today and so far I am happy about the result. After that appointment, I decided to go to the city center to find some personal items. I am actually looking for sports bra and indeed up passing-by in the Christmas markets in Regensburg, located just the center of the old city.

While walking around the market, I heard some Christmas songs playing somewhere. I was a bit surprised because I don't usually hear it often so early like this. It brings happiness to me hearing such songs especially about Christmas. I am trying to remember the title of the song but I can't for now. Oh well, I might need a finale songwriter so I can always have it. Any idea what is this? Simply click the link.

I wish everyone in advance Happy Holidays! Please  remember its true meaning! Take care folks!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Planning and Saving for the Next Holiday with Groupon Coupons

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Happy Halloween! How things going on  out there folks? I hope you are having a good start of November. I know, some might be slowly getting excited for the holiday season and so do I. For now, I keep on hoping and praying for my full healing and recovery to start hitting the road please help me God! Oh well, not really! I have to go back to work first to earn some money to book for my next holiday.

I was browsing the travel blog of an online friend awhile ago and it urges me to travel again. Yes, I have to admit, I always have itchy feet and when travel bug strikes, I need to go out somewhere even just for a day trip. I can't wait to plan for next adventures and I am thankful to an online site for giving great discounts on travels. I am actually talking about Groupon Coupons here!

How wonderful it is when you are planning and at the same time saving some bucks for your next holiday. A cheap traveler like me would surely love it. Thanks also to OneTravel for the many great deals and offers. Imagine saving money when booking for flights, accommodation, car rentals and travel-related offers!

Traveling has never been so cheap and convenient  like before. Thanks to the many promos and deals online especially the Home Away coupons from Groupon.  You can also find travel ideas from Home Away or how about making money with them!  Their great deals on vacation rental  help you save money thru coupon codes, promo codes, and discounts for properties.

Before the end of the year, I am ready to plan and book my vacation for 2017. Of course, Groupon is the best place to browse!  How about you?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Live Music and Performances in Any Festivals

It is such a lovely day today. The sun shines like diamond outside. Oh, I guess it is some lyrics of a song. I am just trying to cheer-up myself since I am not really feeling good. I have been sick since almost a week now and can't really do anything heavy.  I am thankful that there is laptop and internet where I can check stuffs or chat with friends to ease me a bit.

There are a lot of festivals going on in Europe especially in the nearby places. Sad to say, I cannot go anywhere due to my situation. I already missed a lot of events and festivals. More on that,  I miss listening to the live bands and all live performances especially those that involves playing musical instruments. A wonderful guitar to hear like  gretsch rancher , the sounds of cymbals, the beat of the drums and the blowing of the trumpets, for me those are just wonderful!

I hope and pray to be backed to my normal health, fit and strong again to do my daily duties and maybe to have fun out there in a festival.

Have a wonderful day folks! Stay safe!!